How do I carry my baby on my back in Baby Carrier We?

Start by putting Baby Carrier We on as usual with your baby on your belly facing inwards toward you. Loosen both shoulder straps.

Move one arm (the right one if you are right handed) up under the shoulder strap so that the shoulder strap is under your arm.

Move the left arm down and in under the left shoulder strap so that the shoulder strap forms a “loop” around your upper body. Your baby is still firmly secured against your body.

Hold on to the baby and lift him or her carefully under your raised right arm and into the correct position on your back.

Raise the right shoulder strap into the proper position. Pull the left shoulder strap too and ensure that the straps have not gotten tangled up.

Put the back buckle where it feels comfortable by adjusting it both horizontally and vertically. Tighten the waist belt and shoulder straps if needed.

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