What is special about BABYBJÖRN Cradle?

The BABYBJÖRN Cradle has a dream-like suspension base that lulls baby to sleep with their own movements. The gentle rocking movement is similar to that of a stroller with spring suspension. The cradle is easy to rock in all directions, and will never tip over. You can start the motion with gentle hand or foot movements.

The cradle is set in motion by your baby’s movements and a baby who wakes up may be lulled back to sleep on their own. Some sleep experts claim that children do not sleep as deeply when they are in motion. But the cradle stops rocking once your baby falls asleep, so he or she does not get accustomed to constant movement while asleep.

The BABYBJÖRN Cradle has full mesh sides for two major reasons. The first is so that your baby can breathe through it if they get very close to the edge while sleeping. The second, is so that you can see through the fabric which makes it easy to keep an eye on your sleeping baby from across the room. 

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