How do I know my baby is safe in BABYBJÖRN Cradle?

The BABYBJÖRN Cradle has been developed in consultation with baby sleep experts, including American physician and child safety expert Mark Brandenburg. Doctor Brandenburg is convinced that the BABYBJÖRN Cradle does not have any of the risks commonly associated with cradles. Doctor Brandenburg contends that cradles can get stuck at an angle that can be dangerous for the baby. But he confirms that there is no risk of this happening with the BABYBJÖRN Cradle, because it stands firmly on the floor and does not rock in the traditional way and so cannot get stuck in one position. 

In his book “Child Safe” he writes: “Injury occurs when a baby rolls so far to one side that the cradle fails to rock back in the other direction. If the cradle becomes angled to a degree that prevents an infant from moving off the railings, pressure against her chest can become great enough to prevent breathing.”

In addition, all sides of the cradle are made of a mesh fabric that your baby can breathe through, even if your baby’s face is very close to the side of the cradle.

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