What do I need to start using Baby Carrier Mini?

There are a few basic rules to ensure the best comfort for both the baby and the babywearer.

1. Start by adjusting the baby carrier according to your baby's height. Check the size instructions on the inside of the baby carrier and adapt it using the fully adjustable double buckle.

2. Put on the harness and attach it to the front section of the baby carrier by locking the double buckle. You will know it is securely locked when you hear a click from both the left and right side of the double buckle.

3. Remember that you can adjust how high on your chest you are carrying your baby by moving the double buckle. Carry your baby high enough to be able to kiss the top of their head.

4. Adjust the baby carrier’s shoulder straps to fit your body. The cross in the back should be in line with the lower part of your shoulder blades for maximum carrying comfort.

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