The front flap of my carrier won’t stay down when baby is facing out. Is mine defective?

We’ve noticed that the Baby Carrier One can be a bit sticky when it comes to the front flap staying down. That's because as a newborn, it's important for their head to have plenty of support. Here a few minor tricks help to train the fabric to stay in place when baby is facing out as they get older:

First, before you put the carrier on, try over-bending the material in the down position. When folded, bend the entire front flap in toward the middle of the carrier.

Second, when your child is in the carrier and you've made all of your normal adjustments, make sure you tighten up the head support straps when the flap is turned down. This should help keep the front securely down. In the video link below, you can see how she tightens the support piece with the flap down at around 0:50.   

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