How do I change to a wide-leg position in the Baby Carrier Free?

For the best comfort for both baby and babywearer:

1. Start by adjusting the baby carrier according to your baby’s size (length). See the size instructions on the inside of the baby carrier for the right setting.

2. Put on the harness and attach it to the front section of the baby carrier by locking the double buckle. It’s securely locked when you hear a separate click from the left and right side of the double buckle.

3. Remember that you can choose how high up you carry your baby depending on how high up you place the waist belt. Younger babies are often carried higher up than older babies, but pay attention to your baby’s needs and what you yourself find most comfortable.

4. Don’t forget the back lumbar support piece is also adjustable. You can slide the logo buckle along the tracks up or down to move the support piece for different sized wearers’ comfort.

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